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While the idea of beauty is different for everyone, it starts on the outside and ends on what’s inside. Our treatments are designed to help achieve a beautiful outside. We always hear - "Natural is best" but natural also relies on genetics, environmental exposures, nutrition, and stressors and natural is also an upkeep. At Kaya, our vision is not to create new faces or bodies but to enhance your natural self. We feel happiest when we are healthiest and confident when we look our best. The procedures we provide have been well-studied and FDA- cleared. We advise getting a consultation as well as a face/body analysis for the best customized treatment plan. We will get you results that are closest to your natural self--just better.

*Price varies based on treatment area and plan

Call us at 717-500-6646 for appointments and consultation


Skin Tightening


Nutrient Injections

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IV Therapy

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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Coming soon...

Dermal Fillers

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