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High-potency vitamin C serum designed to improve the look of wrinkles, brighten skin's complexion and support the microbiome, while a protective antioxidant system guards against free radical skin damage. This treatment serum features patent pending encapsulation delivery technology, carefully developed to preserve the efficacy of antioxidants in high concentrations against environmental aggressors causing oxidation such as light, air and heat.

DEFY AGE 20% Vitamin C+E+GTP Serum

SKU: 364215376135199

    • 20% Vitamin C complex helps neutralize free radicals, protecting skin against oxidative stress while addressing the visible signs of aging: dullness, discoloration, lines, wrinkles and loss of volume
    • Bio-compatible antioxidants support skin's antioxidant defense system by shutting down the most free radical pathways, protecting skin from environmental free radical damage
    • Vitamin E nourishes and soothes the skin while neutralizing free radicals
    • Patented, rapid release delivery system quickly boosts levels of Vitamin C  in the skin
    • Supports microbiome, leavig natural skin flora intact 
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