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Get to Know Us

The word "Kaya" means body or your physical form that is abode to your soul. Kaya came into being when two friends who trained in aesthetic medicine researched the options available and noticed the same treatment plans were being offered to everyone. We strongly believe that one treatment plan does not fit all because every skin and body is different--each individual needs a unique approach. At Kaya we offer safe, well-studied, and customized procedures to you. We help you achieve a beautiful Kaya for an even better you!

Meet the Team

Kaya is co-owned and run by a team of two board-certified physicians who provide high quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Thakur and Dr. Shruti are both known for their warmth, their evidence based practice and ability to establish a strong bond with team, clients and staff.  Together they will help clients explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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